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Maintaining Your Poodle

The Products below are what we use on our Poodles and we have found these to be some of the best products on the market to Groom and Maintain the Poodle Coat.   We reccomend at minumum you purchase a good brush and a Comb in order to maintain your poodles coat in between Grooming at every 3-6 Weeks.  Click on the image to take your right to Amazon.



Chris Christensen

Long Pin Slicker Brush  (Big G)

Master Pets - Pet Comb 10"

Big G Brush.jpg
Pet Comb.jpg

Grooming Your Own Poodle?

Blow Dryer

If you are doing your own grooming which is a great idea to help keep costs down, This is the Blow Dryer that we use.  This particular model is a bit on the expensive side, but it does a great job and is built well.  Blow Dryers are only necessary if you plan to groom your poodle yourself.  it is an investment, but will save you quite a bit on grooming costs over the life of your poodle.

K9 2 Blower.jpg

Grooming Table

If you are doing your own grooming which is a great idea to help keep costs down, This is the grooming table that we use.  It is built sturdy and made very well.  A grooming table is only necessary if you are grooming your own poodle.  "This will SAVE YOUR BACK!"  The Grooming table is very stable, heavy duty and will properly support the weight of your poodle without falling over. It has an anti slip surface.  The arm and leash help secure you poodle while he or she is on table.

grooming table.jpg

Pet Clippers

If you are new to grooming, you will need to invest in a pair of Pet Clippers.  It is important to understand that you can't use Human Clippers on your Poodle, or any dog for that matter.  Animal hair is different and requires a different tool.  Below are a couple different Clippers that have worked well in the past.

Clippers whal.jpg


A good pair of Scissors will serve you well.  For Poodle grooming you will need (3) different types of Scissors.  Curved, Straight & Blending Shears.

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