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We Now Offer Grooming Services!

We now Offer Grooming Services to our Extended Watts Poodle Family.  If you would like to book an appointment for Grooming, please use the Contact Form Below.

Grooming Services

Bath & Blow-dry 

(Includes Bath and Blow-dry only)


The Works 

(Includes Bath and Blow-dry, Sanitary Shave, Clean Face & Feet, Ear Pluck & nail Trim.)



(If Dematting is required, this cost will be added to your selected service above.)


(NOTE: All Clips are additional cost on top of Grooming Service)

Poodle Clips

Miami Clip

Miami Clip.png


Sporting Clip

Sporting Clip.png


Strip Down

Strip Down.png


Georgette Clip

Georgette Clip.png


Continental Clip

Continental Clip.png


Contact Watts Poodles for Grooming Service

Thank You

We will Contact you Shortly

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