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The Cold  Hard Truth!

The Poodle breed has  several different coat clips including “puppy,” “sporting,” “saddle,” “English saddle,” and “Continental.”  But since Poodles sporting different coat clips can look very different from one another, if you are new to Poodles, it can be quite easy to think you are looking at two totally different dog breeds rather than simply admiring two Poodles with different haircuts!

Poodles are smart, active, agile, easy to train, eager to learn, outgoing and people-pleasers.

They are also as close to being a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog as any dog gets.

In theory, Poodles are the type of pet dog everyone wants!

So why doesn’t everyone have a Poodle?

The answer is simple: their high-maintenance coat. Poodle hair is notoriously grooming-intensive.

Even if you don’t go in for elaborate show-worthy grooming styles, the Poodle’s naturally curly fur requires near-constant brushing, clipping and trimming to maintain.  Neglect your Poodle’s coat, and you could wind up at the veterinarian paying top dollar to treat painful skin infections.  You could also end up with a bald Poodle, since too-long-neglected coats often have to be shorn fully (here, think “sheep”) to remove all the mats and tangles without damaging the dog’s sensitive skin.

Poodle Grooming Tips

These are essential facts about Poodle coats and coat maintenance that every would-be Poodle owner should know:

Poodle fur is really hair – it is softer than most dogs’ fur and it grows continuously.

Puppies have very soft hair that often grows in wavy instead of curly.

Poodle hair transitions from puppy hair to adult Poodle hair somewhere between 9 and 18 months of age. Some Poodles don’t grow into their full adult coat until they reach three years old!

They do shed, but their curly adult hair traps the shed hair so it doesn’t fall out. Instead, this shed hair develops into mats and tangles unless continuously groomed.

Adult Poodles have a thick, dense, coarse, single-layer coat of very curly hair that ranges from soft curls (called “curly”) to near-ringlets (called “corded”).

Professional grooming at least every 3 to 6 weeks is highly recommended for adult dogs.

Near-daily brushing and combing is recommended for maintenance, unless your coat clip of choice is “shaved.”

Ear Hair should be plucked out by Groomer every 3 to 6 weeks.  Leaving ear hair will cause build up of dirt, moisture and will cause an ear infection.  Plucking is a must.

Line Brushing

Check out this great video on Line Brushing.  This is the proper way to brush your Poodle's Hair.  The video is worth a thousand words.

Poodle Clips

Continental Clip


HCC (Historically Correct Continental)

HCC clip.jpg

Miami Clip

Miami Clip.jpg

Kennel Clip


Puppy Clip

puppy clip.jpg

English Saddle Clip

english saddle.jpg

German Clip



corded poodle.jpg

Please note:  All pictures used are random photos from the web.  If we used your photo and your feelings are hurt, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.

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