The Horn Family


The perfect traveling partner. Best friend to everyone! Amazing temperament, incredibly smart and sweet beyond measure. That's our girl Watts in a Blue Moon aka Daphne.


The Wayne Family

Ziggy Marley

Witney was wonderful and helped us to select the perfect puppy for our home. First he is healthy, gorgeous and has a wonderful disposition. Also, our new baby was so easy to potty train and he absolutely enjoys his baths. Mostly, he is sweet and we could tell that he received plenty of love as a newborn.


The Kimble Family

Harry Pawz

Witney is so knowledgeable and responded to numerous  questions in a timely manner (even when I didn't expect it).  Her professionalism created an utmost trust in her and her poodles; and her love for poodles shows in her own dogs and in all the pups she breeds. I would definitely recommend  purchasing a poodle from her.


The Diggd Family


Witney is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain her breeding program and her pup's temperament and matches her poodles to your needs, does health testing as well.  Beautiful poodles.


The Carter Family


Watts Poodles is awesome! We picked up our Parti Girl "Dolly" and never looked back! Witney is always available and helpful. Our puppy was potty trained by Witney so the transition was


The Pulido Family


I just want to simply say thank you! My experience since I first contacted Witney on Charlie’s availability, I knew I found the perfect breeder! Her expertise and knowledge was simply amazing. Before I met Charlie I was receiving updates, pictures and FaceTime calls. I felt very comfortable with my decision. I got Charlie at 13 weeks everyone comments on how laid back he is. Training was a breeze with how smart he is. He came potty trained no accidents in the house since he came home. He’s been a blessing to our family how he was socialized with the Watts family is a very big impact on the type of dog he is today! I highly recommend getting a Watts Poodle.

Wickedly Enchanted Sphynx.png

Tse-Marguez Family


When it comes to good health, care, love, and loyalty, Watts Poodles & Wickedly Enchanted Sphynx Cattery is my choice! I met the Watts family thru my mother who has known them for quite some time. My family and I always wanted a Sphynx but just didn’t know where to begin. There’s so many scams out there and Catteries that just don’t follow the important protocols when ensure the health of each Cat and kitten. What I like about Wickedly Enchanted Sphynx Cattery is that they are mindful about producing kittens with great temperament. They produce carefully with making sure all are tested, vaccinated, and provided with a raw balance diet which I personally love because I also have a 2 year old Yorkie who has been on raw and have seen great results. Grogu is also on a raw diet and he is thriving. My family and I are pretty allergic to many cats and we have found that with this type of diet we have been able to tolerate Grogu. Sphynx are not hypoallergenic but with the right care and diet I have seen great outcomes. I highly recommend Watts Poodles & Wickedly Enchanted Sphynx Cattery. They strive to produce to better the breed! I am hoping in the future I can introduce a new member with my family. *Here is a photo of our handsome boy, Grogu who was formerly named Yoda when he was a kitten to now being 6 months. Grogu is a sweet and very playful kitten. He loves being close and is great with my two boys and Yorkie!

Tse-Marguez Family